Linen & Honeysuckle Soy Candle- The perfect way to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in any room.


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Light up your space with the warm, inviting aroma of Linen and Honeysuckle with Musee Bath's soy candle. Infused with the rich, comforting scent of freshly laundered linen and sweet honeysuckle, this candle is the perfect way to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in any room. As you light the wick, you'll be greeted by the inviting aroma of clean, crisp linen that is soothing and relaxing. The delicate sweetness of honeysuckle adds a touch of playful joy to the scent, creating a harmonious blend that is both fresh and calming. Made with soy wax, this candle burns cleanly and slowly, releasing the scent gradually and without any harmful toxins or pollutants. With its longer burn time, you'll be able to enjoy the warm, comforting aroma for hours on end, making it the perfect addition to any room. Just like the quote "All the darkness in the world can't extinguish a light from a single candle," by St. Francis of Assisi, this candle is a symbol of hope and light. Whether you're looking to create a relaxing spa-like atmosphere in your home or to bring light into darkness, this candle is sure to provide the ambiance for which you're looking. So go ahead, light the wick and let the warm and inviting aroma of Linen and Honeysuckle fill your space.


Fragrance Notes: Harmonious notes of fresh linen, bergamot, sweet pea and honeysuckle.

Ingredients: Soy Wax; Honeysuckle fragrance; Linen fragrance

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