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Musee is a small cottage business in Madison County, MS. We produce handmade bath balms that are made with natural ingredients, such as organic sugars, salts, and herbs. We call them "balms" instead of "bombs" where as a bomb is destructive a balm is healing and nurturing.

Each balm is named after a fun song and has its own recipe, some including small treasures. For example, "Don't Worry Be Happy" is a bright yellow and orange balm with citrus scent and has a small bouncy ball inside; another is "Man of Constant Sorrow", which contains spearmint and eucalyptus oils and Epson salt so it is great for achy joints and sore muscles.

Our motto is Soak in Life! We want everyone to take the time to relax and enjoy a hot bath and in doing so they support us in our quest to provide jobs in our local community.