Musee's "Pay it Forward" Programs

Musee Supports Tabitha Ministries | Two Great Ways for You to Help Us

100% of all Proceeds goes to Tabitha.


#1. "SWEET CHILD O' MINE" (Bath Balm Program)

100% of the proceeds from sales of our Musee bath balm called "SWEET CHILD O' MINE" goes towards our support of TABITHA MINISTRIES in South Africa. As a way to better support Tabitha Ministries, we started a 501c3 nonprofit here in the U.S. called Sweetwaters.  100% of all donations and proceeds from song downloads and Sweet Child O' Mine sales goes directly to Tabitha Ministries in South Africa through the Sweetwaters NFP here in Mississippi.  

Go here to purchase Sweet Child O' Mine.

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Written and performed by Molly Bush. EVERY TIME OUR SONG "SOAK IN LIFE" IS DOWNLOADED, 100% of the funds support Tabitha Ministries in South Africa. Several of our employees continue to volunteer at the children's home and we look forward to increasing our financial support through our Music Download Program. 
So get all your friends to download the song and help us make the song go viral.
We could definitely support Tabitha in a really big way with a #1 song !
A great way to pay it forward using the power of music ! 

You can download our song here.  See Music Video here.

Tabitha Ministries is a Christian non profit organization in South Africa.

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Sweetwaters (USA) |  501c3 NonProfit Organization

A full 100% of funds raised through our programs
will be used to fight HIV/AIDS through Tabitha Ministries.

Tabitha Ministries is a Christian Non-profit Organization providing care for people affected and infected with HIV/AIDS. Bringing health, wholeness, and spiritual freedom through the love of Jesus Christ. Based in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, Tabitha works exclusively in the community of Sweetwaters, South Africa - the epicenter of the AIDS worldwide pandemic. Tabitha touches thousands of children and adults through health care, education, orphanages, food distribution and more.  Tabitha provides over four tons of food to child-headed households, and to families unable to provide for themselves, as the area is ravaged with poverty and unemployment. With a major focus on Child-Headed Households, they care for both adults and children in the community. The area of Mpumuza is home to around 60,000 people, of which, around 6,000 are child-headed households. 

Sweetwaters (USA) - A 501c3 nonprofit organization based in Mississippi.
Our Mission: Providing Christian organizations serving the needs of the poor, widowed and orphaned with the resources to advance their mission.

Tabitha Programs:
To provide care for those who are infected and affected by HIV/ADS.
Spiritual Supervision
Provide Food Security
To provide care for orphaned and abandoned babies at the Hope Centre
Providing practical wellness training for Home-Based Care
To provide support and education to the family
Increase Home-Base Care Facilities to destitute families
Providing programs for Orphans and Vulnerable Children
Provide a place of safety in extreme cases in our community center.
To provide care for children in Child-Headed Households