Musee Bath

Our Story

We make handcrafted, natural bath products in Madison County, Mississippi. It is our desire to care for our community and help alleviate poverty by creating jobs through the development of excellent handmade products. We hire women in recovery, individuals with disabilities and people that have not had the opportunities of education. It is our belief that everyone has value. Our hope is to create an environment of self dignity where people feel loved and encouraged. A portion of our profits is invested to educate children, provide jobs and create resources that will inspire change in communities throughout the world. 

Our People

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“Changing the World One Bath at a Time”

Crossroads ministries

Crossroads is a place of refuge where women can put the pieces of their lives back together after spending time in prison, treatment centers or abusive situations. Crossroads provides a safe and positive environment while encouraging their women to find jobs and live on their own. We partner with Crossroads in their efforts by providing jobs for their women as they enter their last stage of recovery.

Musee Bath

The Kelly School

In Haiti, only 55% of children attend school. Of that number, only 2% graduate high school. Most children come to school hungry every day. With eight schools and over five thousand kids that have gone through their program, Schools for Haiti is helping change those statistics. When you buy our ABC balm, you’re funding one of the eight schools for Schools for Haiti. Through our partnership with The Kelly School, we have been able to provide teacher salaries, new books, new desks, uniforms and one meal every day for the students.

Musee Bath

Changing the World One Bath at a Time.

We started Musee to help shed a little light in what sometimes is a dark and scary world. We hope that our products bring beauty into your everyday, while inspiring love and joy in your life too. Musee’s profits are invested into helping build and restore people’s lives and communities in hopes that we inspire change in the world. Help us change the world one bath at a time.